How to keep your flowers fresh and make them last and last

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How to keep your flowers fresh and make them last and last

How to keep your blooms fresh and make them last and last with simple tips.

How to make your flowers last , simple tips to keep your blooms fresh – We all love receiving fresh flowers, they bring such joy, colour and fragrance to our homes and are just the best gift for yourself or others. But as we all know freshly cut flowers don’t last forever, unfortunately. That’s just how mother nature has intended it to be. 

Do you want to be an expert at helping your fresh flowers last longer?

Here’s how to keep your blooms fresh and make them last just that bit longer, with my simple tips.

I learned a few things over the years, working in the floristry world, here’s a few tips that you can put to action to make your flowers last and last, trust me these are definitely worth doing because they will make all the difference!

Firstly, sorry to state the obvious but freshly cut flowers need WATER and lots of it! So make sure your flowers have ample water. Whether they are arranged in a vase or in floral foam top up the water every couple of days.

Watering flowers

Second, the water that the flowers are in has to be clean, as bacteria builds up over time and shortens the lifespan of flowers. To avoid this, empty out the water and replace with clean water. It only takes a minute or two and your flowers will thank you for it!

How to look after your bouquet of flowersTrim the stems every time you change the water, this will help revitalise your flowers.

Use flower food, it really does help. Just follow the instructions on the packaging to get the most out of the flower food.

Keep away from direct sunlight and heating, heat shortens the life of freshly cut flowers.

Lastly pull out or cut off any sad blooms and the rest of the buds will slowly open.

Follow my tips and tricks and you can’t go wrong. Or just call me your local florist if you need any more help. 

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